OTIFLEKS Flight Earplugs

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  • During a flight, the pressure in the passenger cabin fluctuates and if you are wearing headphones, the static pressure between your eardrum and headphones can cause pressure on your eardrum and cause pain. Otifleks Flier is designed with a pressure equalizing micro filter that gently equalizes the pressure on both sides of the earmuff, preventing pain caused by pressure changes. The Otifleks Micro Filter is designed to offer maximum attenuation and at the same time ensures equalization of the pressure on both sides of the earpiece. Flier thermo-active material offers superior comfort by matching your body temperature within 4 minutes to match the curves, turns, bumps and curves of everyone's ears. Flier ' Utilizing the latest in ergonomic design and utilizing the power of thermo reactive elastomer, its minimalist size provides maximized comfort and blocks sound while you sleep on your flight. Tested. Approved. It is produced in accordance with the European Union and Australian standards, and within health regulations. This product has been produced in accordance with the medical device directive, with the directions of the doctor's comments.
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